BBC Computer Literacy Project Archive

Back in the early '80s my School (Orangefield Boys Secondary School) decided to offer a Computer Studies class.  3rd form pupils were given the option to drop a class for one of their subjects to attend this new class.

At first we were limited to a Research Machines 380z and 2 Apple ][ computers. Later that year the school raised funds to buy a number (about 30 I think) BBC B microcomputers. They converted "Lab 1" in the Science corridor to a computer room and the class moved there.

At the same time the BBC were running a Computer Literacy Project and had a number of TV programs that taught people about computers.  Well, the BBC have now released an archive of these programs and an associated website.  It can be found at . I thoroughly recommend watching at least some of these programs. I've just watched the first episode of the 1984 series where they had a BBS online at 300 baud :-)