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BBC Computer Literacy Project Archive

BBC Computer Literacy Project Archive

Back in the early '80s my School (Orangefield Boys Secondary School) decided to offer a Computer Studies class.  3rd form pupils were given the option to drop a class for one of their subjects to attend this new class.

At first we were limited to a Research Machines 380z and 2 Apple ][ computers. Later that year the school raised funds to buy a number (about 30 I think) BBC B microcomputers. They converted "Lab 1" in the Science corridor to a computer room and the class moved there.

At the same time the BBC were running a Computer Literacy Project and had a number of TV programs that taught people about computers.  Well, the BBC have now released an archive of these programs and an associated website.  It can be found at . I thoroughly recommend watching at least some of these programs. I've just watched the first episode of the 1984 series where they had a BBS online at 300 baud :-)


Amstrad NC 200 photos uploaded.

I've just uploaded some photos of the Amstrad NC 200 in the collection.  They can be seen in the gallery.


Computers DataBase

The new computers database is now online with more computer details added daily.

If you have any details, fun facts or annecdotes about vintage / veteran / retro / old computers then please email me and I will include them.

I am hoping to add a collectors database like the one on (it doesn't seem to be working anymore). I'll post a news article when it's online.



New site template

I have been expiramenting with a new template creator for the site. The new template is very much like the old one but it should look smoother and more refined.

It's also supposed to be completely responsive to the device the site is being viewed on but I don't think it's 100% yet.



Clear-out sale

I am having a clear out as I will shortly be moving to a smaller house and I just won't have enough space for all my stuff.

You can check out the items that I have for sale on eBay.