CPC SCART connector

Amstrad CPC computers came with either a colour monitor, a green screen monitor, or a TV modulator. It is possible to connect a CPC directly to a modern TV via the TVs SCART connector.

The CPC computers got their power from either the monitor or the modulator. When connecting your CPC to the TV you will need to provide power to the CPC in some other way.

If your TV selects the AV input by detecting the SCART connection (i.e. you cant select SCART input manually) then you will need to wire a 9v battery accross pins 8 & 18 of the SCART connector (pin 8 +, pin 18 -).

Below is a wiring diagram showing how to make a cable that allows you to connect a CPC to a TV via SCART. It also shows the wiring for connecting the CPCs audio output to the TV as well.



Wiring diagrams on this site are provided as is. I cannot be held responsible if you damage your equipment or yourself, either through errors in the wiring diagrams or through any errors that you may make when assembling the lead. Also remember that electricity (especially mains electricity) is dangerous. Take care when working with it.