The Amstrad CPC 664 was the successor to the CPC 464.

The main difference was that the cassette deck was replaced by a 3" (2.8") floppy disk drive. Like the CPC 464 it was sold with a choice of 3 display options:


  • Colour monitor;
  • Greenscreen monitor;
  • TV Modulator.

The computer drew its power, and the power for the disk drive, from the monitor (or TV modulator). Amstrad had a ethos that the entire computer setup should be powered from a single 13A plug.

The CPC 664 had a built in floppy disk drive. This made loading and saving programs much more reliable and quicker using tape.

It had a full QWERTY keyboard and a numeric keypad which doubled as function keys. It also had a cluster of arrow keys.

It had 64k of memory built in. This was expandable via a RAM pack which plugged into the expansion socket on the back of the computer.

Some of the peripherals that were available were:

  • Amstrad Speech Synthesizer & amplifier (SSA-1)
  • Amstrad Disk-Drive Interface (with drive) (DDI-1)
  • Amstrad Floppy Drive (second drive for DDI-1) (FD-1)
  • Amstrad Light pen
  • DK-Tronics Light pen
  • AMX Mouse
  • Amstrad RS232c interface
  • Multiface 1

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