CPC 464

Name:CPC 464thumb
Type:Home Computer
RAM:64 Kb
Video RAM:
ROM:32 Kb
Keyboard:Full size QWERTY
Available from:1984
Available to:1988
StorageCassette tape, 3" disks with add-on disk drive(s)
CPU:Zilog Z80a, 4MHz
Display:Green Screen Monitor, Colour Monitor, TV with optional RF moduator
Text modes:
Graphics resolution:
Sound:3 channel + 1 noise channel.
Polyphony (voices):
Interfaces:Expansion port, Printer port, Stereo out, Joystick
Operating System:AmsDOS, CP/M 2.2, ParaDOS
Embedded language:Locomotive BASIC
Other languages:DR Logo
Power supply:Built into monitor. 5v supply from monitor to computer.
Dimensions (cm):
Weight (Kg):
Cost (£):

The Schneider CPC 464 was an Amstrad CPC 464 that was re-branded and sold in Germany through "Schneider Computer Division".

The other differences between the Amstrad & Schneider CPCs were:

  • The green & red keys on the Amstrad were coloured grey on the Schneider;
  • The Schneider had internal metal shielding in order to comply with German EM emissions regulations;
  • Instead of PCB edge connectors for the expansion the Schneider had micro ribbon connectors (again to cut down on EM emissions).

Old-Computers.com, Wikipedia, Colin Barnes

Old-Computers.com link:CPC 464
Wikipedia link:CPC 464


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